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ooc: So I feel pretty crappy. It’s been taking me a while to get used to the idea of my dad moving abroad, but just recently my sister announced that she plans to leave the country, too.

Our family is pretty small as it is, and to lose two people who are basically my only support is pretty… Sucky. I know I can call them whenever I want, and they’ll visit, but I’m gonna feel pretty lonely stuck here all by myself for most of the year. I’ve never really been that far away from my family, so something like this is just totally different from what I’m used to. The only close relative I’ll have left will be my mom, and we’ve been growing slowly apart lately, so I’m at a loss here. In those times of crisis, I’ll only really have my partner to turn to— and that’s kinda frightening. I also don’t want to be left out of my nephew’s life and become one of those distant aunts. :( I’ve always been heavily involved with his upbringing and it’s sad to let go of that closeness since he’ll remember none of his early years.

In other news, I have enrolment for my course today… Hence why I look so pretty. Nobody snaps a picture of me on my bad days. >BIIIII Dunno if I’ll be around later, but I’ll try because holy hell I owe too many replies sob.








Muse came back because Hayley is amazing.

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The Xehanorts might be planning to make you kill Lea. At the very least. More than likely they'll actually torture and kill him while you watch, helplessly, as he dies.

"No. I— I could never agree to such a vile scheme, nor live to witness whatever else they have in store for him.”

—Not that he had much of a choice.

"I would much rather die.


  • Dirty questions
  • Break my Character (Try to upset them, make them cry)
  • Give them some bad news and see how they react
  • Fuck,Marry, Cuddle, Kill (give me four names)
  • Tell them how you really feel about them
  • Anons of any kind
  • Obey Commands (Put obey in front of a command and character has to do it)
  • Mun vs Muse Discussions
  • Try to Seduce or Arouse them (Anon or Not)
  • Truth or Dare


The other’s sarcasm was quite welcome (For once), and he sighed a bit, looking down. “I was more concerned about if you’d actually respond this time,” he said, shaking his head. He held back the flow of questions that wanted to burst from his lips. He lifted his eyes to meet amber. He could remember when they’d first changed—to yellow, rather than the dark sunset they were now. He could remember hoping everyday that they’d change back to blue when they got their hearts back. It seemed that if they would ever turn back to their true color—he’d have to wait longer. 

If anything, restoring Isa to his true self was more than enough motivation to defeat Xehanort once and for all. He sighed a bit “Why’re you with them Isa?” he asked, folding his arms across his chest.

Just as expected, it didn’t take very long for the awkward questions to kick in.

—Curses. Time to make it as difficult as possible… Within reason, of course. For some reason, he couldn’t bring himself to lie. It was quite an annoyance, but Isa supposed he could figure out a way around it.

"I wound up with them in very much the same way that a pawn cannot control which side of the chess board it winds up on. This particular piece was picked up and placed on the board long before you were.”

With a click of his tongue, the shorter one turned on his heel, keen to avoid this conversation altogether. “—But that’s another story for another time, is it not?”

M!A from before: time limit is twenty-four hours, or until Isa tells a Lea what's going on with him.

ooc: Fffffffffff, the feels—

Okay then~